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Watching #charliebrownchristmas with mom. :) Who's your favorite peanuts character? https://t.co/mtUY0mkpuc
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Friend time! @oneworldbrewing https://t.co/SlsznhoCZd
Happy Thanksgiving everyone! Please know that I am so very thankful for each and every one of you. ❤️ Now let's go eat a mess'a turkey!! 🦃
Spent a pretty cold night in the Pisgah wilderness last night. Totally worth it. 🏕 #backpacking #hike #camp https://t.co/jYlTokfpo6
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Glee Sneak Peek!

You'll see my great dance moves with Lea Michele toward the end of this sneak peek.

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James Franco = Life Made!

James Franco posted a video while in Morocco using my Sexy And I Know It Cover!

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